Cherry Blossom Dreams

“At the crossroads of art, science and technology, ARTECHOUSE brings a true 21st century art experience to the nation’s capital as Washington, D.C.’s first interactive digital art gallery. Opened in June 2017 in Washington, D.C., ARTECHOUSE is a first-of-its-kind innovative art space dedicated to showcasing experiential and immersive large scale installations by artists who are forerunners of the new age in arts and technology.” –Artechouse website

I was able to get 2 tickets 3 weeks before attending, the tickets sell out sooooo fast!! It’s $15 and you are able to stay as long as you want. They had beanie bags to sit on as you relax and watch the pretty displays check out my instagram for videos of my interaction at the exhibit!

I give the exhibit an 8 on my classy essential rating scale I wish it had more rooms and installations


Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror

So first of all!! Let me tell you how HARD it was to snag tickets to this exhibit. I went last week at 9:40am stood in line for 2hrs only not to get a ticket because they ran out! So back to the present, we got there at 8:30am waited two hrs and go our passes for the next slot which was in 20minswe stood in line for a ticket to stand in line to get inside the exhibit and rooms Phalli’s FieldLove Forever The Souls of Millions of Light Years AwayLove Transformed into DotsAftermath of Obliteration of EternityObliteration of colors

Well that’s all folks 

D.C. By Day 

Hey peeps sorry for the Hiatus….it’s been busy between my last post and now I been to New York , jersey, and a light festival in Baltimore. I have yet to write a post about it but it is on my instagram I will fill y’all in tomorrow because it was great experience so anyways ……back to my subject of The District of Columbia!!

I love D.C. For its eatery, architecture, and Free yes Free museums !! Today me and my younger sister went to the American Art museum, it was great not crowded and very chill we just went to a specific floor since we had plans to have lunch with a friend this was soooo cool to see an Oscar in person that was great.I thought I been to every Museum by smithsonian but I guess not. Glad I was able to take a peak into this gem. Hopefully I get into the Hirshorn next week cuz the Infinity Mirros exhibit is the most talked about in town and I need to get in!  


We ate lunch at Capitol City Brewing company Man was it good!!! The service was remarkable we had the sweetest waitress so kind ! I had a regular brew Burger w/ Onion rings on the side and  I ordered a watermelon Margarita and it came with a complementary shaker like how cool is that $13 that fill my glass at least twice

Last but not least!! ……..

Walking through City Center breathetaking extra special because  D.C. Just celebrated the Cherry blossoms hence the pink lanterns 

I enjoyed my Day off completely gotta give time every week to enjoy great weather and explore it has to be good for the body !!

Lol love y’all 

Keep it classy 

Hello Braces!!! 

😮 Oh my goodness the day has finally come !!! I got braces. I always wanted braces but my parents were unable to provide me with them. Seeing that I work at an Orthodontic office as an Orthodontic assistant/technician it’s only right I have straight teeth and a perfect bite huh?!?! Lol 😝. That device I have in my mouth is called a cheek retractor it keeps the lips away from the teeth providing a nice dry area for the assistant and orthodontist to work in my mouth and place my bracket without causing contamination (salvia can cause bracket not to bond well and fall off due to salvia interference). That green stuff is etch!! Roughens up the surface to prepare the tooth to get sealed and the bracket place on top almost done y’all can’t you see the excitementwait a min what about colors y’all didn’t expect me not to rock some colors?!?! Boom boom I’m all suited up for the next 18-24months ….in between those months they have to get tighten wire sizes will change and I can pick new colors every 6-8 weeks.

DAY 4- still getting used to metal in mouth lawd have mercy, no headache 🤕 but my teeth are very tender so soft food diet for me and chewing only on the back for my molars .

My 3 best friends throughout this whole ordeal is …..wax!!!

My oral B power brush with ortho replacement head!! And water pik!! 
The brush and Waterpik are even great for people without braces

Thanks for reading 

I passed my boards 

You are looking at state certified orthodontic assistant 😎😎😎I’m soooooo happy this has been a weight lifted from my shoulders and took soooo much time out my life by studying for it. It even took me away from blogging hence my spotty posts lol. I just had to share this with the world 🌎 muah 💋 love y’all. Video coming this Friday!! 

Lights Lights and more Lights

Today’s post is all about lights, I have a lot of things that light up in my room, I even have party disco lights but they are packed way lol. Lights can give a room a nice relaxing chill ambiance. It’s gives the room a sparkle. And no I do not sleep with these lights on. Sometimes you are not ready to sleep and you just want a little light to chill, read, write etc and that’s what I got. Take a look here…..

The Fault in our StarsThis is the latest addition to my room. I purchased this vanity about 2 years ago and finally installed some lights around the main mirror. I got the lights from the one and only Michaels which I can’t find the link for to share with y’all,! And  btw (I love that store). There is tape on the back of the light which made it easy to install! And then you probably noticed I have a galaxy on my ceiling thanx to this star projecter that was $7 on Light in the box. 

Next up we have …..

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL BUT I STILL HAVE NO REGRETS These inspiring beauties ….I got these at Target. I love these because they look good with the lights off and on. 

Just a complete HAUTE MESSSo far as this is concern this one of my favorite random beauties it has that sassiness to it and doubles as a mirror (you can see your reflection in it!) This was found at Rue 21 

Last but not least My Name in Lights Your room is not your room unless you have your initial somewhere in your space. This lady right here has hers in lights 😎😎😎 Found in Target

That’s all the lights ! Keep it classy ! 

*********************************Side note, I’m in the process of making a video in summery of what happened each month I will link you all at the end of the month to it. *********************************


So a party comes up, and typically banners are always a hit but not required….normally you would go to party store, or print shop store to get a banner designed and printed. What if you can’t do that and time is of the essence and your funds are not so hot right now. Well this is what you can do …grab your  friends and make this banner an art project, pretend like you are an elementary student we made use of construction paper, glitter, glue, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and sharpies. It turned out well and cost $6.89 and 3 hrs of our time. Art projects in the adult life isn’t restricted to the grade school children. Our art skills combined made a beautiful piece of work.

“Keep It Classy “-Yehoda 

Productivity Essentials 

So my goal this year was to get a PlannerI LOVE IT why?!?! 

  • The cover page is sooooo me 
  • It’s not bulky ( it has a  calendar view/week view) 
  • Holidays and Funny days like •Coffee day•Best friend Day•Strawberry Day
  • It has cute stickers 
  • Over all this book has a classy personality and clearly is essential!

Usually on the 15th of every month, I plan my next month of activities. I have divided my week section in half so that I can write my plan for that week and then in the next section write what I actually did! I want to be productive this year, I feel like my life depends on it, so that o can have some kind of stability in my “Adult Life” *sigh*. I’ll will update you guys at the end of February on how I’m doing with the planner. Well I’m off to study. Till next time! New post coming Wednesday! 

If you would like to purchase the planner pictured. You can click on this link I AM VERY BUSY 2017 PLANNER

Good Morning!

Hello and Good morning all, welcome to my page. On this page you will follow me as I venture on this rollercoaster trip called life lol in my early 20’s which can be very testing. I want to share life hacks, and quotes, and ways to make your living space your actual therapeutic space. I always say “Your sanctuary should be your room”. So I have you covered on home and living interior/exterior because your girl does love gardening as well !!. I also got the travel bug so we will visit many countries and states. I adore arts and craft right now I am scrap booking so you get to see the tips I have on that etc. We might go to  some concerts but that’s a big MIGHT, I will share some throwback stories from my concert hopping days. I’m just your girly girl glitter is my staple! So expect clothes and beauty make up recognition and much much more. 
Now Boarding!!  Shall we?!?!