Productivity Essentials 

So my goal this year was to get a PlannerI LOVE IT why?!?! 

  • The cover page is sooooo me 
  • It’s not bulky ( it has a  calendar view/week view) 
  • Holidays and Funny days like •Coffee day•Best friend Day•Strawberry Day
  • It has cute stickers 
  • Over all this book has a classy personality and clearly is essential!

Usually on the 15th of every month, I plan my next month of activities. I have divided my week section in half so that I can write my plan for that week and then in the next section write what I actually did! I want to be productive this year, I feel like my life depends on it, so that o can have some kind of stability in my “Adult Life” *sigh*. I’ll will update you guys at the end of February on how I’m doing with the planner. Well I’m off to study. Till next time! New post coming Wednesday! 

If you would like to purchase the planner pictured. You can click on this link I AM VERY BUSY 2017 PLANNER


Good Morning!

Hello and Good morning all, welcome to my page. On this page you will follow me as I venture on this rollercoaster trip called life lol in my early 20’s which can be very testing. I want to share life hacks, and quotes, and ways to make your living space your actual therapeutic space. I always say “Your sanctuary should be your room”. So I have you covered on home and living interior/exterior because your girl does love gardening as well !!. I also got the travel bug so we will visit many countries and states. I adore arts and craft right now I am scrap booking so you get to see the tips I have on that etc. We might go to  some concerts but that’s a big MIGHT, I will share some throwback stories from my concert hopping days. I’m just your girly girl glitter is my staple! So expect clothes and beauty make up recognition and much much more. 
Now Boarding!!  Shall we?!?!