Hello Braces!!! 

😮 Oh my goodness the day has finally come !!! I got braces. I always wanted braces but my parents were unable to provide me with them. Seeing that I work at an Orthodontic office as an Orthodontic assistant/technician it’s only right I have straight teeth and a perfect bite huh?!?! Lol 😝. That device I have in my mouth is called a cheek retractor it keeps the lips away from the teeth providing a nice dry area for the assistant and orthodontist to work in my mouth and place my bracket without causing contamination (salvia can cause bracket not to bond well and fall off due to salvia interference). That green stuff is etch!! Roughens up the surface to prepare the tooth to get sealed and the bracket place on top almost done y’all can’t you see the excitementwait a min what about colors y’all didn’t expect me not to rock some colors?!?! Boom boom I’m all suited up for the next 18-24months ….in between those months they have to get tighten wire sizes will change and I can pick new colors every 6-8 weeks.

DAY 4- still getting used to metal in mouth lawd have mercy, no headache 🤕 but my teeth are very tender so soft food diet for me and chewing only on the back for my molars .

My 3 best friends throughout this whole ordeal is …..wax!!!

My oral B power brush with ortho replacement head!! And water pik!! 
The brush and Waterpik are even great for people without braces

Thanks for reading 


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