D.C. By Day 

Hey peeps sorry for the Hiatus….it’s been busy between my last post and now I been to New York , jersey, and a light festival in Baltimore. I have yet to write a post about it but it is on my instagram I will fill y’all in tomorrow because it was great experience so anyways ……back to my subject of The District of Columbia!!

I love D.C. For its eatery, architecture, and Free yes Free museums !! Today me and my younger sister went to the American Art museum, it was great not crowded and very chill we just went to a specific floor since we had plans to have lunch with a friend this was soooo cool to see an Oscar in person that was great.I thought I been to every Museum by smithsonian but I guess not. Glad I was able to take a peak into this gem. Hopefully I get into the Hirshorn next week cuz the Infinity Mirros exhibit is the most talked about in town and I need to get in!  


We ate lunch at Capitol City Brewing company Man was it good!!! The service was remarkable we had the sweetest waitress so kind ! I had a regular brew Burger w/ Onion rings on the side and  I ordered a watermelon Margarita and it came with a complementary shaker like how cool is that $13 that fill my glass at least twice

Last but not least!! ……..

Walking through City Center breathetaking extra special because  D.C. Just celebrated the Cherry blossoms hence the pink lanterns 

I enjoyed my Day off completely gotta give time every week to enjoy great weather and explore it has to be good for the body !!

Lol love y’all 

Keep it classy 


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