Lights Lights and more Lights

Today’s post is all about lights, I have a lot of things that light up in my room, I even have party disco lights but they are packed way lol. Lights can give a room a nice relaxing chill ambiance. It’s gives the room a sparkle. And no I do not sleep with these lights on. Sometimes you are not ready to sleep and you just want a little light to chill, read, write etc and that’s what I got. Take a look here…..

The Fault in our StarsThis is the latest addition to my room. I purchased this vanity about 2 years ago and finally installed some lights around the main mirror. I got the lights from the one and only Michaels which I can’t find the link for to share with y’all,! And  btw (I love that store). There is tape on the back of the light which made it easy to install! And then you probably noticed I have a galaxy on my ceiling thanx to this star projecter that was $7 on Light in the box. 

Next up we have …..

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL BUT I STILL HAVE NO REGRETS These inspiring beauties ….I got these at Target. I love these because they look good with the lights off and on. 

Just a complete HAUTE MESSSo far as this is concern this one of my favorite random beauties it has that sassiness to it and doubles as a mirror (you can see your reflection in it!) This was found at Rue 21 

Last but not least My Name in Lights Your room is not your room unless you have your initial somewhere in your space. This lady right here has hers in lights 😎😎😎 Found in Target

That’s all the lights ! Keep it classy ! 

*********************************Side note, I’m in the process of making a video in summery of what happened each month I will link you all at the end of the month to it. *********************************



So a party comes up, and typically banners are always a hit but not required….normally you would go to party store, or print shop store to get a banner designed and printed. What if you can’t do that and time is of the essence and your funds are not so hot right now. Well this is what you can do …grab your  friends and make this banner an art project, pretend like you are an elementary student we made use of construction paper, glitter, glue, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and sharpies. It turned out well and cost $6.89 and 3 hrs of our time. Art projects in the adult life isn’t restricted to the grade school children. Our art skills combined made a beautiful piece of work.

“Keep It Classy “-Yehoda